Help Line

Naseeha (counselling) will be a telephone advice and support service for teens. This important initiative is a result of our community’s realization that our youth are our future and they face similar issues and challenges as other Canadian kids. Youth Help Line will be a telephone advice and support service for teenage boys and girls on every question about life. Our youth have all kinds of questions that they do not feel comfortable asking their parents. Our specially trained staff will provide assistance on a one-on-one basis to guide them and provide answers that the callers can relate with. In addition to networking with the youth, Naseeha will also be at the forefront of other youth activities:

Our focus:

• Organizing seminars and workshops on youth related issues. • Providing an Islamic referral service. • Building relationships with various youth organizations. • Setting up resources to provide statistical data for issues related to our youth. • Sponsorship for school graduation scholarship program.