This center will leverage the life-experience of new Muslims and other creative “Islamic-Marketing” concepts to promote Islam to our larger community. A full-time staff member will administer this program. We have all heard so many times that Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet. As Muslims, we take pride in this fact. But how often do we think back and ask ourselves this question, “What have I done to propagate Islam”? We read in the papers or watch on TV about many incorrect and absurd things that the media ties in Islam and Muslims. Like most people, we get upset and mad about these false accusations. And moments later, we flip the page or the channel and carry on, not bothering to instigate a change. Below are some of our program overviews that will be highly productive with the community’s involvement.

• Leverage Holiday Season (Eid) programs with neighbors. • Door to door concussing and distributing Islamic literature. • Community volunteer work at Hospital, Food Banks, working with other mainstream organizations in getting the names (and values) of Muslim volunteers out to the public. • Website and internet technology for easy access to marketing. • Toll free calling numbers for providing quick information. • Interfaith dialogue. • Islamic information sessions (Dawah activities) at shopping malls, libraries, etc. • Other creative means of reaching out to the Canadian public such as TV ads, radio, sponsorships and print advertising.

At The Fraserview Muslim Community Services, we are striving to provide leadership in the field of creative Dawa programs. We have a full-time staff to give undivided attention to this very important part of Islam.