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The Muslim population in this area is growing rapidly and the society needs a proper and bigger place to perform the 5 daily prayers, Quran Classes and other community events. FMCS is committed to serve the local Muslim population and have been looking for a land or pre-built facility to accommodate about 400-600 people at a time. Fortunately we have found a land comprised of three old houses in the same neighborhood. This land is located in the city of Vancouver public assembly zoning area. FMCS is very keen to acquire this land and build a full service community center and Masjid. Approximate cost of the facility is estimated at $CND 3,000,000.00 including the land and construction. Local Muslim community in the area are unable to raise such a huge amount. Therefore, Brothers and sisters, FMCS is appealing you to participate in this noble cause, and contribute generously, so we can bring this dream to a reality. We will have a full-time staff to co-ordinate all our activities and be accountable to you, our sponsors, supporters & donors.